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I love this place! I truly was blown away about how yummy this place was and how much I could put away in 1 sitting BECAUSE of how yummy this place was.

Dinner was about 25$ a person not including the drinks we got. Kind of steep compared to other places that are usually 19-22$ but you really do get all kinds of selections. There’s filet mignon, all kinds of seafood (shrimp, octopus), and also the great classics- but marinated as well. I would take a bullet for the pork belly marinated in spicy sauce. It really was great.

Love how this place also includes rice paper, because it isn’t as heavy as actual rice. Service is super fast paced, and everyone is so attentive at taking empty plates, asking if we needed any more meat, and constantly refilling drinks.

The space is pretty big, and I like the setup of the grills and tables. Everything looks very clean and modern, and the fact that everyone isn’t all crammed together is really nice.


Solid good AYCE KBBQ, good meats and good service. for $28ish per person, it’s kinda high (for me, it may be decent for others) but the meat selection was awesome.

Aside from all the fun clever names, the staff actually don’t pay all that attention to that, it’s more fun to read than it is to say when ordering more rounds of meat. It’s easier to just say the numbers TBH. “#8, 10, and 14, thanks”

We had a great time, and we had a large table too, wait was almost nil, especially for 6:30pm on a wednesday (when we left though, there was a long wait). Speaking of wait, it’s a 2 hour dining limit, and they’ll remind you we’re near our time limit with a “last call”, so that’s helpful. 2 hours of AYCE KBBQ is plenty of time to overeat and need to be rolled out on a wheelchair LOL.

PS: we’re big fans of the #8, Don’t Rib Me Off; #4, Hot Cow-Ture; and #17, Not Your BAEsic Pork Belly. Runner ups: #10 Speak Your Beefy Mind and #7, Yo Soy Cow (this doesn’t mean it’s Soy!)


This is my favorite AYCE Korean BBQ in Orange County! I have been coming here since 2015 and their protein quality and service has gotten a lot better. The grills are also better and they’re very generous with their portions. My personal favorites–Beef Belly, Filet, Brisket, Pork Belly marinated in Soy Sauce, Steamed Egg, and Tofu Soup. They have the best Steamed Egg and Tofu Soup! The Steamed Egg is moist and silky, and the Soup is not too salty and has the right amount of spice level. I love wrapping my meat in radish. It really brings out the flavors and they complement each other. The servers are super friendly and consistently change our grill. I’m always craving this place and have even eaten here two days in a row!


All That Barbecue is still one of my favorite KBBQ spots in the area. What’s not to like?!

Wait – This place gets really busy, especially on the weekends. Usually the wait is 30 minutes or more BUT now they have an online check-in system! You can just put your name on the waitlist while driving over to avoid the long wait.

Food – The meat here is always soooo good! They’ve actually added a couple new items to their menu, like the filet mignon and have good side dishes.

Service – It tends to get pretty packed, especially for dinner, but even with that, service is always really quick! They bring out meat really quickly and are always happy to refill salads, side dishes, and change the grill.


Enjoyed our first time at All That BBQ. We went for lunch and got sat right away. Our waiter Thomas gave great recommendations and was such a cutie too. The food came out quick and refills for sides and meat was on point.  The staff is very attentive. Multiple people came to take plates away, provide refills, adjust the heat on our grill, and check up on us. Food was delicious and my kids enjoyed it which is a win when you have picky eaters.


This was my first time ever trying Korean BBQ and All That Barbecue did not disappoint! The staff was very attentive and helped us throughout the meal with our food. Not only that but the food was absolutely DELICIOUS! I highly recommend the bulgogi and the brisket.
I’d also like to give a shoutout to Katie! She answered all of my annoying questions and exceeded my expectations!


Man o man.  Holy meats.  So much good meat.  So much… So good.  You like tri-tip?  They don’t have that but they got filet mignon, short ribs, beef belly, and many more.  They have meat… and it is  Soooooo goooood.  Service not so good.   Yes go… and experience the craziness of all you can eat meat.  Ate so much.. I thought about becoming vegetarian… 🙂

Expect long wait for dinner on the weekends… I went at 530pm… there was no wait… right before my first bite of my marinated beef… there was a ton of people waiting to be seated.

Suggestion.  Eat a little salad for lunch to hold you over for  the meat-fest for dinner.  And go get some ice cream for dessert.  Oh yes.


My all time favorite KBBQ! This place is a little more pricey, but if you’re willing to spend the extra buck, try this place out.

Usually the wait is 30 minutes to get seated on weekends and sometimes during the day too, but it is worth it.

The servers do their best to help cook your food for you so you spend majority of the time enjoying the food. Their sauce!! It’s a bit unique because it’s sweeter than other kbbq places.

Definitely a must try!


This place is amazing! Lots of food, plenty of seating and good service. The restaurant is super-clean and so are the grills. The meats are very fresh and come in abundant serving sizes.

I highly recommend the filet mignon! It’s amazingly tender and juicy (as you would expect). Our server saw we were in-experienced in dealing with the filet on the grill and stepped in to help us manage our beef. He did a bang-up job and the meat was extremely tasty.

ATB has plenty of parking and seating but you may have to wait so if it’s cold, bring a jacket because you may have to wait outside. The indoor waiting area is small so be prepared. Don’t over-order because there is a notice that you will be billed for extra food that’s wasted.


This is by far my favorite Korean bbq in OC. We used to go to gen all the time, but their quality of meats and their service has gone down a lot and we refuse to go back there.

All that BBQ never disappoints us and the service is always on point. They are always very accommodating if we need to modify our orders as well. Sometimes we can’t eat a whole portion so we ask for a half portion so we get to try more options on the menu. Their quality of meat is sooo good, literally melt in your mouth. I love their beef belly, filet, shrimp, tofu soup, steamed egg and short rib! Everything is sooo good. I even like all their banchan, everything is fresh when you get it and not left out for a long time. All the servers are really nice and they don’t get mad at you for requesting anything which is a plus! I’m glad that this place is close to home and we can make this a regular spot for us to get our fix once a week!

All that bbq can get really busy, so be sure you get there early enough so you don’t have to wait, but they are pretty efficient about getting people in and out.

Please do not change anything about your restaurant and especially the quality of your meats!

Ting Ting

Would I come back? Meat was good. Service was top notch. Price is right. This place lives up to its reputation. It is all that…

Came on a Saturday for lunch when they opened and there were people waiting outside already. We were seated immediately after they opened and our server took our orders. All the meats tasted fresh and were good quality. I would recommend their brisket, beef belly, spicy pork ribs and beef tongue. Can’t go wrong with any of them. I’m sure their other meats are tasty as well.

The servers kept on checking up on us and we never had to flag anyone down. They even refilled our banchan without us asking. I would definitely come back when I am in the area.

FYI it is dinner prices during the weekend. I think my friends and I paid $29 per person after tip which is not bad for decent quality kbbq.


This is my go to place if I’m craving kbbq in the Irvine area. You know it’s gotta be good if there’s usually a wait to go in lol. I’d recommend getting here around 5 because the wait can be about an hour so don’t come super hungry.

I would recommend getting the brisket, flap tail steak, beef belly, and shrimp! The portions they give you are good and the quality is decent for an AYCE place. There is also a good variety of side dishes and I noticed that they change them around a bit. Get the fried rice towards the end of your meal! It’s a nice finisher.